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Address: 3219 Glynn Ave. 

Brunswick, GA 31520

Phone: 770-262-5147

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Velocity Zone Fireworks LLC

We are open Friday's and Saturday's 10:00am-6:00pm 

(If you would like to schedule an appointment you can call Cell: 770-262-5147 


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Maximum Charged Fireworks

Like a jewel in the night's sky, these 49 gorgeous golden comet tails sprinkle like gold dust lighting the night. The finale barrage is flawless. This is a real backyard gem!
Sic 'em! Unleash the hounds with this K-9 shot of multi-colored stars with crackling chrysanthemums. A definite tail -wagger, this one will make you go bow-WOW!
A sultry night and Blue Hawaii…Create your own lush tropical paradise in your backyard with this hula dance of steamy golden willows with heavenly blue stars.
An outburst of 15-shot attitude, this bad boy will throw a tantrum of multi-colored effects with a paroxysm of stars. The perfect 500 gm for a raging backyard show!
The name's Bond…TNT Bond. And Nobody Does it Better! You'll be shaken and stirred by the wave on wave of blue to silver comet tails with a skyfall of red green and blue palm tree effects.
16 shot of gold and crackling stars, golden willow with silver glitter and crackling flowers with silver glitter.
It's time to let the Backyard Blahs expire! Bring life to your fireworks display with 500grams of mighty chrysanthemum bursts. This colorful dazzler will make the Grim Reaper holler!
This 500 gram 18 shots of maximum power won't back down from any challenge to wow your friends and family! You think you've seen purple and lemon colored awesomeness before? Uh Uh! We gonna Bring It!
25 shot of whistling colorful comets with silvery coconut trees, golden glitters and crackles.
Golden willow to blue.
Ready…get set…Here We Go! You'll have to catch your breath from the maximum impact of this shower of these multi-colored bursts of crackling excitement! What are you waiting for?!!
An awesome and breathtaking 78 shot show with intense action and colors of purple flower with green strobe; red and green crackles; red crackle and gold rain firing to the left, then to the right showing an incredible crossfire display.
30 shot of red, green, gold, blue and purple peony with magic crackle.
Marvel at this breathtaking display of Superhero strength as 36 colossal comet tails glitter skyward with giant bursts of super bouquets and a monstrous multi-shot final finale barrage. Will definitely Transform your backyard show with unstoppable momentum!
You won't be able to pick your jaw up off the ground after watching these 12 golden shots of mouthwatering awesomeness! This one's got the chops to take your breath away!
You'll be the envy of the neighborhood with this 500gm green-eyed monster of glittering tails that whistle into green and red palms with a shower of white glitter.
The envelope, please. And the Award for Best Fireworks Finale goes to... TNT's Favorite Leading Bad Boy, Corruption! This unique curtain raiser is the star of every backyard display with its 205 shots of colorful comet tails and its grand finale barrage of crackling chrysanthemums.
It's hard to keep this one a secret! Your duty is to totally wow your friends and family with this 16-shot maximum power finale.
It's YUGE! And it will command the evening sky with 19 dominating shots of red, green, and blue bouquets! This is the ultimate supreme authority of 500 gms of maximum power that will take your breath away.
Not a croc! You will be swamped by the 25 coconut effects of the multi-colored glitter from this monster! Your neighbors will definitely take the bait and hunt you down to see your magnificent backyard show!
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