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Greetings Fireworks Enthusiasts, 

Last year, and even more this year, fireworks purchasing has been more than what some are calling a “challenge”. There have been shortages in fireworks and deliveries from all manufacturers and distributors. Not to mention shipping delays with increased cost from the port and trucking. High demand mixed with inflation, labor costs, shipping costs, material costs as well as the Dollar value overseas have increased the shelf price of your favorite celebration commodity roughly 40% over last year’s pricing. 


Luckily, we were able to secure large amounts of inventory prior to the escalating costs hitting the market this season. This enabled us to cost average the incoming merchandise with the lower cost inventory sitting in our warehouse. Doing so allows us to continue to give you the very best product at the lowest price available. 

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  • 60g Mortars/Reloadable

  • Ball Mortars/Reloadable

  • 500g Cakes (multi-shot aerial boxes)

  • 350g Cakes (multi shot aerials)

  • 200g Cakes (multi shot aerials)

  • Special Shot Tubes

  • Gender Reveal Fireworks

  • Wedding Sparklers

  • Sparklers, standard

  • Firecrackers (maximum load)

  • Bottle Rockets

  • Specialty Rockets, stick type

  • Smoke Bombs

  • Roman Candles

  • Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

  • Ice Candles

  • Aerial Spinners

  • Ground Spinners

  • Chasers

  • Snaps, children

  • Snaps, Adult (fuseless crackers)

  • Fountains

  • Rockets, large

  • Missiles

  • Fuse, safety

  • Strobes

  • Campfire Flames

  • Novelty Fireworks

  • Stink Bombs

  • Fart Spray

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