We were wiped out, as were our suppliers, during the Independence Day season. We have restocked on many of the popular fireworks, but brands are changing as we can find new supplies. Therefore, names or brands that you have become accustomed to, may be delayed on restocking, and will be restocked as they become available.

Open Friday's & Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm

* Open December 24th Christmas Eve 10am to 5pm

* Open December 26th through 29th 10am to 6pm

* Open December 30th 9am to 7pm

* New Years Eve Open December 31st 9am to 9pm 

  • 60g Mortars/Reloadable

  • Ball Mortars/Reloadable

  • 500g Cakes (multi-shot aerial boxes)

  • 350g Cakes (multi shot aerials)

  • 200g Cakes (multi shot aerials)

  • Special Shot Tubes

  • Gender Reveal Fireworks

  • Wedding Sparklers

  • Sparklers, standard

  • Firecrackers (maximum load)

  • Bottle Rockets

  • Specialty Rockets, stick type

  • Smoke Bombs

  • Roman Candles

  • Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

  • Ice Candles

  • Aerial Spinners

  • Ground Spinners

  • Chasers

  • Snaps, children

  • Snaps, Adult (fuseless crackers)

  • Fountains

  • Rockets, large

  • Missiles

  • Fuse, safety

  • Strobes

  • Campfire Flames

  • Novelty Fireworks

  • Stink Bombs

  • Fart Spray